Could Robots steal your job in the future

Robotics experts recently gathered to discuss the growing concern that Robots could potentially steal jobs from the people.  During the debate many of the speakers agreed that some jobs could be taken by robot in the future.  but they also realized that people today are more technologically savvy and will be needed in some aspect in order to keep everything running properly.

Most of them also agreed that this will not happen for a very long time with the technology we have currently.  Right now the current robotic technology that we are talking about has the dexterity of a two year old child.  the all agreed that technology has advanced a great deal but not to the point that we are facing a crisis at the moment.  By the end of the debate man of the speakers all agreed that with the way things are going it can only help improve our way of life.  If ou would like to read some more about this than click on the link below and see for yourself:


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