Ideate, Create, Iterate, Iterate, Iterate…

Just Do It.


Seriously, just do it. Whatever it is you think you want to accomplish, stop thinking about it and just do it. Start with an idea, think about it for a short time and then get that thought down on paper! Thoughts are not tangible, you can have the most spectacular idea in the world but unless you execute nothing will ever come of it.

Okay, enough motivational talk, what does tis have to do with UI/UX design?

Well, design follows the same path as many other creations. It starts with an idea, that is made into a creation and then it is repeatedly improved. The key is to start and then continuously move from there. This post is a great resource to use on how to actually start: Ideating 101.

Now that you started, you just need to iterate! One of my favorite designers and a big inspiration to me is Aaron Draplin. He doesn’t get overly dramatic about design, he just knows that it is a process that can be started but never truly finished. Go check out this video: Aaron Draplin Takes On a Logo Design Challenge. Also, check out some of his kick-ass designs below.


That’s it for this week. Some encouragement and suggestions. Now, just do it.


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