Samsung’s S7 may actually be cheaper

All of the Samsung smartphones tend to have a few things in common- they are always updated with the latest features from the Samsung mobile market and their prices can seem fairly expensive. However, this time around, the Samsung Galaxy S7 may actually be cheaper than the Galaxy S6. Therefore, it will be sold for less.

The reasoning for this strategy is so that the Samsung mobile market can get a boost in its sales. Lately, the profit has not been as high and sales have been low due to the fact that Apple has been a huge competitor against Samsung. Due to this, the company has been struggling in its sales, but the strategic plan of lowering the price of the S7 may actually help them in the long run.

I do think that in the beginning, this will help Samsung a lot when trying to improve their market sales increase. However, depending on how low they price their S7, some consumers may find it subjectively to be “low quality” and may not want to purchase it because it is not as highly priced as the S6. This is just theoretically speaking, however, but I believe the decrease in price will help them get back on track.


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