What’s going on in the Tesla World? Tesla will tell you themselves


With impressive third-quarter earnings, Tesla has become the talk of the town. Consumers, as well as the general public, are interested in the insights, thoughts and expectations of the company. Well, Tesla has nothing to hide. The preceding article summarizes the most critical quotes from Tesla’s recent conference call with analysts and investors.

The call can be broken down into four major elements:

  1. Tesla Energy demand is robust
  2. Big Capital spending will slow next year
  3. Tesla’s battery advantage
  4. A secret billion-dollar stock opportunity

All of these factors signify one major message: Tesla remains unique.

When asked about General Motors’ “recent reference to a batter with a cell cost of $145 a kilowatt-hour”, Tesla was not phased. They responded confidently and reassured their questionnaires that they were in a great position regarding this topic. Musk even added, “…We don’t think anyone is on a path even close to us.” I guess when your company has proven to be this elite, you’re allowed to be cocky.

The article sneakily adds in Wall Street journal’s discovery of a possible way to bank from this company. That is, to invest in the small company that is powering Tesla’s new gadgets and the coming revolution of technology. The article even hosts a quick link to invest in the company’s stock directly from the page! I know what I’m going to do when I’m done writing this…


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