I’m sure we’ve all noticed it and haven’t thought much of it, but the Facebook company has finally decided to capitalize on Instagram’s potential for hosting advertisements. As the Facebook company has worked hard to build a massive digital media marketing presence (second-largest after Google), this expansion into Instagram was no surprise. The company finally allowed companies and marketing groups to advertise specific things within Instagram, adding “Sponsored” posts to everyone’s Instagram feeds.

As an attempt to cash in on teens, young adults, and Millennials, groups have tried to advertise on Instagram for a while. This demographic tends to use Instagram more than Facebook so companies have been trying to get ads onto the platform for quite some time to try to reach Millennials in a place they will most actively see.

In case you haven’t seen the ads yet, each advertisement looks just like a normal uploaded photo, but there is a small icon in the top right corner of the screen indicating it is in fact an ad, not a normal user post, and the photo is actually a hyper link too. Tapping twice on these ads will like the image presented, but tapping once opens up whatever is linked to it: a link to purchase an album by a musician, a promotional website, etc.

You can read more about the advertisements, what it means for your individual Instagram experience, or what this means for the future of Instagram here.


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