Meet ‘M’, Facebook’s New Artificial Intelligence

Surprise, surprise. Facebook has a new feature. Bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Facebook is introducing a new artificial intelligence called ‘M’. ‘M’ is capable of sorting through photos, videos, and comments. This artificial intelligence is different because it combines software with human intelligence. These combined efforts are designing a virtual personal assistant. This personal assistant can do more than just sort through photos it can also do things like order food and gifts.

In order to provide the best response to human inquiries, Facebook is using ‘M’ to study human interactions on Facebook. Facebook wants artificial intelligence assistant ‘M’ to learn the way humans do.

I am excited to see how ‘M’ plays out. We already have so much artificial intelligence surrounding us and pretty soon social media will e able to answer inquiries the way a search engine does.

Check out this article below to read more about the ideas behind ‘M’.


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