A peek at Nvidia’s 2016 GPUs

A recent article by VR World takes a look at Nvidia’s presentation in Japan called the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference. At the conference, the graphics card manufacturer gave a small preview of their 2016 line of GPUs, which are still under the codename Pascal. The new graphics card architecture comes with some staggering numbers.
credit: vrworld.com
First and foremost, the Pascal cards will support up to 32GB of VRAM, a huge jump from the typical 2-8GB that we see in current Nvidia GPUs. This will not be the case at launch, however, as the initial release of the cards will only feature up to 16GB of VRAM, which is still a huge amount of memory. The Pascal spec also features an impressive 1TB/s bandwidth, made possible internally by four chips of HBM2 memory.
These specs will likely be trimmed and shaped into a number of different forms and price points when they actually hit the market, but from the looks of it, Nvidia is ready to release some powerful new cards, as well as one monstrous enthusiast card. The Pascal cards are expected to arrive sometime in early 2016.
For more info, see the full article on VRWorld.com

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