Apple News

Apple news allows users from all different spectrum of devices to access news stories and stay up to date with current events at the swipe of a finger. Stop wasting time bouncing around from app to app, trying to view different genres of news, the new release of Apple News combines it all into one.

Apple News combines the design found in print media and adds the interactivity of digital media, giving you access to impeccably crafted articles that actually reflect the style of the publication they came from, without distorting images and fonts.

Apple news launches a specific news for you portion of the app, where it suggests articles you may be interested on based off genre and publishing companies. You now have the access to search, explore and save articles you were reading and it will even bookmark where you left off if you need to step away for a minute. This is a new idea that will soon sweep the nation, will this be the beginning of a new era? Will print media go out of style?


To learn more about the app pre-installed on your phone, go to


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