Ignore the Rumors – Tesla Owners are more than Satisfied


Tesla has suffered a rough couple of months. With drops in their stock, production issues and “worse-than-average” reports, the technology company has managed to keep their head up. This is because of the people! The customers!

It is no secret that Tesla owners back up their car, both literally and figuratively. To illustrate, Tesla out-did the Consumer Reports rating scale by scoring a 103 out of a possible 100 points. However, this is not enough according to reports.

In order to combat the negative accounts, Tesla distributed a business-wide e-newsletter this month discussing reliability, claiming Model S reliability has been improved in the last year.

From a personal standpoint, both my parents are Tesla owners and have never had an issue with either of their vehicles. Furthermore, they have reiterated that they will remain with Tesla and would never purchase anything other than an electric car again. Overall, their experiences with the vehicle and the company have been excellent.

If consumer reports, and personal statements aren’t enough, the facts should provide evidence that Tesla is not failing. For example, the supply of used Model S cars hasn’t grown meaning existing owners are happy with their vehicles. Also, 97% of current Tesla owners are eager to replace their Tesla with another.

The satisfaction and customer loyalty are Tesla’s key ingredients to the meal of continued success.



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