Introducing the iPad Pro!!

Apple came out with a new iPad last name called the “iPad Pro” and surprisingly enough it is slimmer than the iPhone 6S. Coming in with a screen display of 13 inches the tablet is the being yet bracing itself with a Retina screen. The iPad Pro can be purchased in space gray, gold and silver. This latest model of apples iPad won’t be available in Rose Gold like the recent iPhone released. This table is a hybrid device meaning that that there is plethora of accessories that it can be used with including a keyboard or stand.  The keyboard is what Apple likes to call a “smart keyboard”. This need keyboard comes with 64 seamless keys meaning that there is no gaps between the keys making it both water and stain proof. There is also shortcuts for the fingertips; as well as a protective thin case to carry the keyboard in. This tablet also comes with a better battery but the with update processing speeds the battery does that charge fast when in use.


This tablet is guaranteed to turn heads and convert laptop people into tablet people.




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