Using Design for Professional Development

As a college student, it can be pretty hard to market yourself to companies. When you go to a university with thousands of students, standing out on a piece of paper is not an easy task. Hundreds of people can have your same major, a comparable GPA, and have probably taken the same classes. Outside experience is incredibly important and so is making your piece of paper/portfolio pop. Let’s talk about the latter, how can your resume/business card/portfolio stand out? Easy, make it yourself. Add your own flavor and the papers in themselves can act as a showcase of your work.


Now, be a little bit careful. You can go nuts and try to make it really stand out but you don’t want to be off putting. I wouldn’t suggest a hot pink resume with purple text. (Although it may work out depending on who sees it.) Instead, make it clean, make it simple, and make it your own. It can be fun and it shows true ownership over your work. Don’t be afraid to be a little different.

To actually create your own masterpieces I would suggest InDesign. Really, the whole creative cloud can add some pop to your creations.

Now get out there and show off who you really are.


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