There is now a way to take your brain activity and convert it into atomic data. Its called the Emotiv headset. Researchers use this device to monitor and track  Focus, Engagement, Interest, Excitement, Affinity, Relaxation, and Stress levels. The aforementioned subjects are important when working towards your growth as an individual. Furthermore, this device can manipulate data and provide you with a consensus on activities you enjoy versus activities you don’t prefer. Looking at the bigger picture, emotive can eventually improved informed decision making based off of data from pass events and scenarios.

Emotiv headsets are also capable of accepting mental commands. When combined with and orb, you can use EEG waves to command the orb to push, pull, levitate, rotate and even hard to visualize commands such as disappear.

Implications of this device could lead to better prosthetics, predictive behaviors, memory-recall, and even prevent crime. Researchers who are in the developmental stages of their research can use this device to monitor an array of technical and human factors.

Emotiv Technologies



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