The next Facebook flash fad might be stealing your data

Every so often, a quiz app surfaces on Facebook and takes the platform by storm. The newest big one is now proving to be not so fun.


The latest quiz app trend is “Most Used Words,” a small-frame software that sifts you the content on your Facebook profile to see which words you have used the most. It has recently received quite a bit of behind-the-scenes backlash after being accused of data stealing.

When Facebook users agree to the terms of the quiz app, they allow the software access to a great deal of what should be private information, including IP address, profile picture, age, education history, hometown, and other specifically identifying information. Vonvon, the South Korea-based company that created the quiz app, has said they are using this information in accordance to Facebook’s Privacy Policy, but some Virtual Private Network analysts are not so sure. This quiz app is a “privacy nightmare” according to UK-based VPN company Comparitech.

To protect themselves against such breaches, Facebook users should consistently check their privacy settings and make sure only the right (and safe) third party applications have access. Users should also pay closer attention when they are connecting their Facebook accounts to third party sites.

Read more about the potential privacy compromise and how to better protect yourself here.


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