DIY Brain-Gadget Technology!!!

Have you ever been interested in building your own technology? Well in the attached article, we are shown how to build our very own brain computer interface. If your a tech head then, you probably know the difference between open source and closed source coding. Thanks to open-source information, we are able to take the science of previous gadgets and model are own. In this article, Connor took the EEG system out of a toy to start creating his first very own brain interface.

While creating this device, Conner noticed that Open source technologies where more customizable than standard EEG systems. Even though the source of information is the same, open source tools like the Arduino can accept different variable and turned qualitative data to quantitative data.

The open source gadget consists of Texas Instrument integrated system, a micro-controller, an Arduino board which includes and card slot to capture data, and Bluetooth capabilities to wirelessly transmit data.


Brain DIY Article – great read

Learn how to build your own Arduino Video



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