Mark Zuckerberg’s Letter to His Daughter

This semester I have been writing about different news in Facebook regarding new features and new plans for the popular social networking site. However; this week I want to talk about a different kind of Facebook rated news.

This week Mark Zuckerberg and his wife welcomed a baby girl named Max into the world. Upon Max’s arrival, Mark shared a letter on Facebook. The letter addressed to his daughter is an open and honest letter about the world Mark hopes to see his daughter grow up in. He vows to do his part in making the world a better place for her. Although Max may not know it, we already know that her dad has already done quite a lot to make the world a better place.

In the article he expresses how our generation has so an incredible amount of potential and the tools to progress so much more than prior generations. Mark Zuckerberg alone is a huge example of our generation is flooding with innovators who have the potential to create and improve many of the world’s problems.

He beautifully and eloquently depicted a world in which I’m sure we all want ourselves and future generations to grow up in. Read exactly what he said to his daughter.


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