We heard of humans becoming robots, but now robots becoming human???

We may take for granted the effort time we put into  walking, crawling and sitting up as babies. Scientist at UC Berkeley are changing how we view robots and the way we use them. Similar to engineering of the brain, the scientist are using technology that allows the robot to learn.  Through the use of less restrictive approach, they omit any specific programming and some-what give it a brain with neuron like emulators and signal paths.

At a first glance, we may feel like its cool that robots can be taught to do what we do. But what are the implications when we begin to became useless as humans. When maximizing profits are more important than the well being of humanity, who steps in and says “slow down”!? Im all for the advancement of technology and innovation, but I’ve seen the effects of advancing the brains of computers and forgetting to put the same amount of emphasis on advancing our human brains.

Nevertheless, these scientist came up with a cool gadget, and it shows how when the right steps are taken, we can guide our society n any direction we want.



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