Apple Pay: Helpful or Hazardous

It’s official, the twentieth first century is in full swing. Movies like “Back to the Future 2” are becoming more of a reality day after day with new technological advances turning our society into a futuristic meca. With these advances comes so many shortcuts to simple tasks, that it seems like there will be a shortcut to walking soon… oh wait! there is.

Apple introduced Apple Pay as apart of the iOS 9 software update which makes it possible for users to pay for anything with their iPhone. Though I am so excited that I don’t have to take out my credit card at the gas station anymore, am I the only one that is concerned about this? As a twenty something male college students, I can’t tell you how many times I personally lost my iPhone or have known someone who has lost their cellphone. With this new Apple Pay capability, losing your phone is the equivalent of losing both your phone and your wallet. Don’t get me wrong, it an incredible advance that Apple has provided but it leads me to question what safety features they created along with this to ensure our identities security. You tell me what you think about this. Am I right or am I just a victim too many lost 700 dollar mobile devices?


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