Facebook CEO once again proves he is a saint

Earlier this week, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan announced a joint-venture LLC between the two of them and announced that together they would be releasing 99% of their held Facebook stock. – WHAT?

In an act of humanitarianism, the pair decided that they wanted to donate 99% of their company stock to “advancing human potential and promoting equality,” as their way of giving back. In their announcement, they came full circle back to the Internet quite a few times, explaining the actions on the basis that the Internet and technology on their own cannot solve the world – humans have to do their part, too.

A lot of people have seen this action as valid and admirable, only further adding to the world’s view of Mark Zuckerberg as a truly great guy. Priscilla Chan has kept a low profile, but is just as incredible, living her days as a pediatrician, philanthropist, and the other half of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative that funds humanitarian projects. “We must directly engage with the people we serve,” wrote Zuckerberg and Chan in their announcement.

The two will be donating the money from their Facebook company shares over the course of their lifetime. Way to go, guys!

You can read more about the article referenced by this post here.

You can read more about the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and what it means for both Facebook and the world at large here.


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