Google attempts to mimic human brain

As we can assume, the human brain is a complex system that functions seamlessly. If you were to compare it to a circuit board, you can say the human brain has many interconnected circuits that transfer information and stimuli at the speed of light. One group of scientist at google believe they can mimic this natural master piece with its new technology referred to as the deep-learning machine (TensorFlow). For years, they have been developing this machine, and it proved to be pretty cumbersome. Like mentioned earlier in this blog, engineers aim at creating “deep neural networks” within the brain of the machine.

This technology is a part of the machine learning segment in computer programming. In the article, it was tested that its extremely hard to program a computer to learn; this is overcome with a rote rehearsal like activity where the computer can remember and recall actions taken in previous exercises. Adding to its “memory database” it can begin to respond to any situation without human intervention. Currently this technology is already being used in applications likeĀ image search in Google Photos, speech recognition systems, Gmail, and Google Search.

Google aims to build computer that mimics human brain


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