Windows 10 Mobile vs.iOS 9

Windows just announced their software update. It seems as if though there is a constant battle between Apple and Windows to see who is the best in the Technology world. The new SO will include:

  • Improved Edge browser performance
  • No hassle software updates
  • Smoother run operating system

Though these updates are great, and both brands provide software and products that are of extreme quality, I feel like it comes to a matter of taste or preference. Windows can create a phone that literally reads my mind and I will still choose the iPhone over it, simply because I am comfortable with it. Which leads to the question, what can Windows do to make me want to switch to their products or what Apple can do to appeal to Windows users. Are software updates necessary? Does a new software make one product put itself over another? Either way I am sure the new Windows products and software are amazing, but I will stick with the iPhone.



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