Windows 10 Mobile vs.iOS 9

Windows just announced their software update. It seems as if though there is a constant battle between Apple and Windows to see who is the best in the Technology world. The new SO will include:

  • Improved Edge browser performance
  • No hassle software updates
  • Smoother run operating system

Though these updates are great, and both brands provide software and products that are of extreme quality, I feel like it comes to a matter of taste or preference. Windows can create a phone that literally reads my mind and I will still choose the iPhone over it, simply because I am comfortable with it. Which leads to the question, what can Windows do to make me want to switch to their products or what Apple can do to appeal to Windows users. Are software updates necessary? Does a new software make one product put itself over another? Either way I am sure the new Windows products and software are amazing, but I will stick with the iPhone.



Apple Pay: Helpful or Hazardous

It’s official, the twentieth first century is in full swing. Movies like “Back to the Future 2” are becoming more of a reality day after day with new technological advances turning our society into a futuristic meca. With these advances comes so many shortcuts to simple tasks, that it seems like there will be a shortcut to walking soon… oh wait! there is.

Apple introduced Apple Pay as apart of the iOS 9 software update which makes it possible for users to pay for anything with their iPhone. Though I am so excited that I don’t have to take out my credit card at the gas station anymore, am I the only one that is concerned about this? As a twenty something male college students, I can’t tell you how many times I personally lost my iPhone or have known someone who has lost their cellphone. With this new Apple Pay capability, losing your phone is the equivalent of losing both your phone and your wallet. Don’t get me wrong, it an incredible advance that Apple has provided but it leads me to question what safety features they created along with this to ensure our identities security. You tell me what you think about this. Am I right or am I just a victim too many lost 700 dollar mobile devices?

New updates shed light on Apples desperation

Another day, another iOS 9 software update released by Apple. The company that prides itself on being the example of cutting edge, trendy technology has found itself having to do major rehab on its latest update. Personally, it is sad to see the transition from updates in order to be progressive and cutting edge to updating in order to perform some damage control. It seems that they are adding these new capabilities to their software update in order to keep their customers, that are experiencing problems with the new software, happy. New capabilities such as Arabic Suri Translations, updated animations, Phone number syncing, etc. are all examples of Apple desperately trying to detract from the obvious issues, until a new software can be released with zero issues.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a “way of life” Apple  customer. That is that every piece of technology I own is Apple:

  1. Macbook Pro
  2. iPhone
  3. Desktop Mac
  4. iPod
  5. Headphones
  6. ect.

So basically Apple can do nothing wrong in my eyes., but they need to seriously work out this issue, and segway back into their glory.

The middle finger emoji is here!

I am taking a break off of ragging on Apple, because they have answered the prayers of the entire world and added hundreds of emojis, including but not limited to:

  • middle finger
  • burritos

^^ I mean is there anything that we need in todays society?

These additions come at a much needed time. This new software update has caused a major headache for Apple, and has been causing many consumers to lose SOME faith on the previously untouchable company.

Is keeping up with Apple really the problem with i0S 9?

Apples recent determination to maintain its quality and reputation after the release of its latest iOS 9 software comes as no shock. In my opinion the company realizes that it is more than a brand, it is a lifestyle, and this lifestyle promises quality with the most up to date, cutting edge, and trendiest technology. I personally cannot believe that it has take them this long to figure out the problem.

The article above shows how this release has sparked new updates at faster rates in hopes of fixing the problems. It is simply unacceptable for products that cost a small fortune to not be able to function its fundamental capabilities or to be freezing up when a simple task is asked. Apple really needs to get it together. I understand the fact that technological advances are necessary and are welcomed in society today but it should not be determined on the latest model of your devices. Someone with a 3 year old iPhone 5 should be able to do the same things as the iPhone 6s. Being able to keep up with these upgrades is nearly impossible for the masses and Apple runs the risk of losing loyalty because of this.

iOS 9.0.2 brings promises improvements

App slicing! I repeat… APP SLICING!! Finally Apple has come up with a way to clear up space on your devices without resorting to an external drive. The process includes will include creating and delivering different variants of the app bundle. Certain parts of the apps are “sliced” according to their configurations in order to free up storage space in the device while the application itself remains the same.

In order to use this feature you must have iOS 9.0.2 or higher. Check it out more about this in the article below:

New iOS 9.0.1 Update lacks basic security features

It is no secret that the latest update in the Apple universe has many flaws. After the release, the industry giant promised to come out with an updated version of the ~already~ updated software. Though the software was able to fix a lot of the issues, there is still a problem with the lock screen. It seems as if though anyone can unlock your phone, which in my opinion is reason enough for a lot of concern. Privacy is something that everyone should be allowed to have, and now it seems that technology is taking away that right. I have faith that Apple will be able to fix this problem in the near future, but for right now… DO NOT update your phones.

To see just how easy it is for someone to disarm your phone and be able to “break into” it, watch the video below: