Treat Yo Tesla

If you have a Tesla, you get it. If you don’t, what are you even doing here?

Tesla owners: has your vehicle been good all year? There should be no other answer other than “yes”!

Just like any good friend, family member, or pet, your Tesla deserves to be rewarded for its good behavior. Thankfully, Evannex has created a special Holiday Gift Guide to assist owners in purchasing useful accessories for their vehicles.

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Ignore the Rumors – Tesla Owners are more than Satisfied

Tesla has suffered a rough couple of months. With drops in their stock, production issues and “worse-than-average” reports, the technology company has managed to keep their head up. This is because of the people! The customers!

It is no secret that Tesla owners back up their car, both literally and figuratively. To illustrate, Tesla out-did the Consumer Reports rating scale by scoring a 103 out of a possible 100 points. However, this is not enough according to reports.

In order to combat the negative accounts, Tesla distributed a business-wide e-newsletter this month discussing reliability, claiming Model S reliability has been improved in the last year.

From a personal standpoint, both my parents are Tesla owners and have never had an issue with either of their vehicles. Furthermore, they have reiterated that they will remain with Tesla and would never purchase anything other than an electric car again. Overall, their experiences with the vehicle and the company have been excellent.

If consumer reports, and personal statements aren’t enough, the facts should provide evidence that Tesla is not failing. For example, the supply of used Model S cars hasn’t grown meaning existing owners are happy with their vehicles. Also, 97% of current Tesla owners are eager to replace their Tesla with another.

The satisfaction and customer loyalty are Tesla’s key ingredients to the meal of continued success.


What’s going on in the Tesla World? Tesla will tell you themselves

With impressive third-quarter earnings, Tesla has become the talk of the town. Consumers, as well as the general public, are interested in the insights, thoughts and expectations of the company. Well, Tesla has nothing to hide. The preceding article summarizes the most critical quotes from Tesla’s recent conference call with analysts and investors.

The call can be broken down into four major elements:

  1. Tesla Energy demand is robust
  2. Big Capital spending will slow next year
  3. Tesla’s battery advantage
  4. A secret billion-dollar stock opportunity

All of these factors signify one major message: Tesla remains unique.

When asked about General Motors’ “recent reference to a batter with a cell cost of $145 a kilowatt-hour”, Tesla was not phased. They responded confidently and reassured their questionnaires that they were in a great position regarding this topic. Musk even added, “…We don’t think anyone is on a path even close to us.” I guess when your company has proven to be this elite, you’re allowed to be cocky.

The article sneakily adds in Wall Street journal’s discovery of a possible way to bank from this company. That is, to invest in the small company that is powering Tesla’s new gadgets and the coming revolution of technology. The article even hosts a quick link to invest in the company’s stock directly from the page! I know what I’m going to do when I’m done writing this…

Tesla’s 3rd-Quarter Earnings Shed Light on 3 Important Elements of the Company’s Performance

As we’ve learned, Tesla Motors has had its fair share of ups and downs this past year. There has been a drop in stock shares, and unsettling reviews on the company’s first ever crossover SUV: The Model X. However, the technology company has produced more cars that it ever has in its existence, and received a huge bump in revenue. With such highs and lows, people are anticipating Tesla’s third-quarter outcome.

Business Insider tells its audience to stop focusing on the numbers, and rather, focus on three major things:

  1. Delivery, Delivery, Delivery
  2. Model X won’t make a large contribution
  3. Model 3 must stay on schedule

These three elements come as no surprise to Tesla followers.

In terms of delivery, the company cannot sell cars that they haven’t yet built. In terms of the Model X, it still does not compare to the Model S in any way shape or form. And lastly, in terms of the Model 3, the company must not get too crazy. In other words, as they learned with the Model X, complexity can often cause catastrophe.

It seems to me as though if the company stays true to their roots, their quarterly earnings will be just fine.

What If Your Car Did The Driving For You?

A car that can drive itself? No way.


Tesla Motors has unveiled its new software feature: Autopilot. Autopilot can be found in Tesla’s latest Model, Model S. It is essentially a software update that allows the Tesla to drive itself. The update is voice- activated, so basically, you tell your car where and how to drive, without actually driving the car yourself.

Overall, the reviews can all agree that the technology is amazing, but its not ready to replace human drivers. One customer referred to an instance in which he was attempting to switch lanes, therefore, he told his vehicle to switch lanes, and it did not. Instead, it remained perfectly in the lane in which it already was in.

This new technology may not be able to replace human drivers just yet, but I believe it has truly opened a door to the future of driving. Plus, we all hate parallel parking… Let’s let our car do it for us this time.

Tesla Motors Engineers: Active and Proactive

As we all know, Tesla just recently launched its Model X. With mixed reviews due to its price, the company must be on top of their game. The time is now. Rumor has it, they won’t disappoint.

Apparently, Tesla has begun focusing on the Model 3 development. This new creation is as important as ever for its expected to “revamp current losses toa  pathway towards profit generation.” Yeah, sounds pretty important to me.

There are three elements involved in Tesla’s revamping process: a Giga factory process, using a steel body rather than the typical aluminum, and a new paint shop.

The giga factory aims to produce about half a million batteries yearly. Its creation and production will begin early next year. The use of steel to form the Model 3’s body is an attempt to use a less efficient material to reduce cost of the future vehicle. Lastly, the new paint shop is to make for a smooth production for the Model 3.

Overall, the technology company is being as proactive as ever. They are working ahead to eliminate mistakes and delays that have not even yet occurred. Tesla Motors is headed in the right direction to ensure a bright future. This fact is reflected in their current gain in stock. Lets Go Tesla!

Is Tesla’s Stock Experiencing a Shock?

Tesla Motors was once the most favored stock on Wall Street. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? It’s the future of driving, its technology is an attempt to save the world and honestly, people have never seen anything like these vehicles. So, why are investors turning bearish as the company’s stock slumps? And, why is the company’s stock slumping in the first place? Well, Tesla’s current financial situation could be due to several elements.

First, the company recently launched its first crossover SUV. Normally, when a company launches a new product, their stock share prices rise. However, the Model X launch was not exactly impressive. For example, the car’s price was higher than promised, therefore, several customers ended up canceling their orders. This kind of situation causes customers to lose trust in a company, which ultimately leads to a decrease in share price.

Second, Tesla missed its guidance to investors about how many cars it will deliver this year. The year is almost over and the automaker has delivered only 33,117, when they promised to deliver 50-55,000 cars this year. This serves as another example of a promise not met by the technology company.

Overall, Tesla needs to get their stuff together in order to survive as a company. With such a cool concept, a team of genius engineers and a trusted brand, Tesla Motors has the power to essentially take over the car world. Hopefully, this financial slip is purely temporary.